The BTI Team

Brad Leshnock

CPA - Owner

Brad Leshnock has been working with NFL players since 1996 and oversees all aspects of business operations and client contract negotiations. He has advised on over 325 NFL contracts, maintaining a strong working relationship with all NFL front offices. Brad has earned a reputation as an intelligent, aggressive negotiator with a skillful understanding of rookie contracts, veteran free agency, the salary cap and the CBA. Drawing on his expertise in statistical and data analysis, as well as a sincere belief in our clients’ abilities, Brad has consistently negotiated top dollar deals. Recent contracts include a $47 million free agent deal for Branden Albert, which included $26 million guaranteed, and a $57 million contract extension for Nick Mangold that made him the highest paid center in NFL history.

Brad is a Certified Public Accountant and a registered Contract Advisor with the NFL Players Association. He earned his MBA with honors from Northwestern while studying decision-making and negotiations. He earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting at Notre Dame, graduating with high honors. Prior to co-founding our firm, Brad worked in the Risk Intelligence Group of Deloitte, advising senior management at Fortune 100 firms, including Procter & Gamble, Cardinal Health, Chase, Sears and The Gap.

Joe Flanagan

ESQ. - Owner

Joe Flanagan is involved in all aspects of client representation, specializing in communications with NFL player personnel executives, coaches and scouts. Joe’s hands-on, aggressive approach is especially valuable in the pre-draft promotion of our draft-eligible clients, and BTI has had 12 top 100 draft picks in recent years. Having worked with players since 1996, his entrepreneurial attitude, 24/7 availability and advocacy of our clients ensure that each player’s opportunities are maximized.

As a licensed attorney, Joe also supervises the handling of legal issues related to our clients, reviewing contract language and ensuring that each client’s rights under the CBA are enforced. Utilizing his experience gained as an associate at a large civil defense law firm in Chicago, Joe represents players in all appeals of fines and suspensions, advises on grievances, oversees the filing for collectively-bargained benefits and facilitates second medical opinions for injured players. Joe is a registered Contract Advisor with the NFLPA and a member of the Illinois Bar Association. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from DePaul and his Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Notre Dame, graduating with high honors.

Ron Slavin


Ron Slavin has been working with NFL players since 1999 and contributes in all aspects of client management.  He has advised on 250 NFL contracts, earning over $100 million for his clients since 2008.  Ron utilizes his extensive NFL network to identify player opportunities and to proactively advocate on each client’s behalf.  He was instrumental in the recent contracts signed by Orlando Scandrick ($25 million), George Iloka ($30 million) and Earl Mitchell ($16 million).

In addition to his involvement in contract negotiations, he works on a variety of matters as he ensures our clients’ needs — on and off the field — are satisfied and their expectations exceeded.  Ron is responsible for providing day-to-day support for clients – from organizing travel, to arranging medical services, to facilitating a car loan, to managing family affairs.  His extensive football knowledge and active involvement in clients’ lives bring a comfort level to players not only as they go through the challenging pre-draft process, but also throughout their careers.  Ron is a registered Contract Advisor with the NFLPA and holds a degree in marketing and public relations from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.

Ryan Royster

MLB Certifed Player Agent

Prior to being drafted by the Seattle Mariners, Ryan graduated from the University of California, Davis with bachelor’s degrees in both Communication and Political Science, seeking to enter the politics of baseball after his playing days ended. Baseball was the “Family Business” for Ryan as his selection made him the 5th member of his family to play professional baseball. After injuries cut Ryan’s career short, he leveraged his life-long training in the “Family Business” and vast industry connections within the game to help BTI Sports clients maximize their income and potential.

Gregg Van Meter

MLB Certified Player Agent

After graduating from California State University, Sacramento with a B.A. in both Finance and Real Estate Land Use Affairs, Gregg Van Meter began a successful career as a Financial Advisor. During his first career, Gregg worked primarily with Business Owner’s and C-Level Executives, as well as his eventual passion, professional athletes. After gaining several MLB clients, Gregg realized his true passion was assisting athletes as they climb their mountain to success. Gregg draws on his background in statistical analysis, negotiations and business management to assist in all aspects of a client’s career.

Carlos Paulino

MLB Certified Player Agent

After his professional playing career ended, Carlos Paulino founded the BTI Baseball Academy in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Since its inception in 2007, Carlos has personally trained and advised 12 clients who went on to make their Major League debuts. Carlos works tirelessly to ensure our Latin American clients and their families make a successful transition to professional baseball in the US. Over the last 8 years Carlos has established a reputation as one of the top agents in the Dominican Republic.

Jordan Hagedorn

Director of Marketing & Client Relations

For the last decade Jordan has worked and consulted in the world of marketing, advertising, design, public relations and sales, collaborating with some of the biggest brands and media outlets in sports. Jordan interacts with BTI clients to help service their every day needs and secure marketing and endorsement deals, while helping provide creative solutions to clients on various aspects of their business and personal lives. Jordan takes pride in maximizing every opportunity for clients, while handling each project with care through great communication, respect and fairness. He has worked with over 100 pro athletes throughout baseball, basketball, football and the Olympics and has maintained great relationships throughout his decade of working in world of sports.

Jeremy Cohen

Player Agent

While involved in different aspects of BTI player representation, including communicating with team’s front offices, maintaining client relationships and preparing rookie players for the draft, Jeremy’s primary concentration is marketing. He uses his Master’s Degree in marketing to establish strategies that give players more exposure and establish contact with potential sponsors. Based out of New York, Jeremy is the main point of contact for BTI’s East Coast operations.  He is dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make a client successful, a passion that stems from his playing days at Castleton University. To that end, Jeremy has built up a network of scouts and front office personnel from around the NFL and MLB.